Elitists are authoritarian, anti-intellectual, and cancerous to the society, environment, and humanity.

I wonder if SE has policy regarding moderator misconduct, bullying,...

Please help make Stack Exchange a better place. Expose moderation injustice, elite supremacy, and elitist brutality, and report them to https://stackoverflow.com/contact (community managers need to be pressed to do their jobs). Push back and don't let them normalize their behaviors. Changes always happen from the bottom up. Thank you very much!

Just a curious self learner. Almost always upvote replies. Thanks for enlightenment! Meanwhile,

  • Corruption and abuses have been rampantly coming from elitists.
  • Comments have been removed to conceal atrocities and support.
  • Systematic discrimination has been made into policies.
  • Countless users have been harassed, persecuted, and suffocated.

Q&A sites are for everyone to learn and grow, not for "elitists" to indulge abusive obsessions, and cover up for each other.

  • https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NNm5sNbRgK
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