Experienced in Angular, React, WordPress. I specialize in developing SPAs using Angular(ReactJS). To create sites, I also use WordPress, where it is more appropriate. In developing applications I use geolocation APIs (Google Maps). For data storage I use such storages as MS SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase. I use the bundler Webpack. I am using GraphQL and Elasticsearch for the enterprise software. To create the interface, I use the PrimeNG, Boootsrap, Material, Bulma library. I use WordPress to create small sites and landings where serious tools like Angular are not needed. I use the Google Forms platform and its API to create various questionnaire forms. I use the best code writing practices (SOLID, KISS, desing patterns and other). I always think about the quality of the code. I prefer to use Git as a system control version, Trello as bug and task-tracking system, Skype/Telegram/Slack for communication. I value every client and prefer long-term partnerships. On projects I always offer the best solutions for the task. I will be happy to be useful for your business!

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