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Web Developer: ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, ML, AI, MongoDB, SQL, PHP, etc. A software engineer with more than 12-year experience, i.e. 6 in ReactJS and API, 4 in ReduxJS. Work Status: Green Card Holder

Some Accomplishments

  1. created 3 SPAs, more than 30 React components, containers, 3 Redux stores with numerous features based on ES6 and RESTful-API.
  2. speed up SPA by creating and running unit tests (Jest, Enzyme, Sinon, Mocha)
  3. developed JSONP authorization with unlimited length request to the server based on async ReactJS-Php connection.
  4. Developed and implemented a brand new technology for website design management.

Technology used

  1. React, React-router, React-native, Redux, Redux-saga, Lodash, ES6
  2. NodeJS, Express, API, Swagger, Webpack
  3. Unit testing: Jest, Enzyme, Sinon, Mocha
  4. Less, React.semantic-ui, DOM, Bootstrap, CSS3
  5. Git, Gira, Bitbucket, Github, TortoiseGit
  6. ML, AI: PyTorch, Jupyter, Anaconda
  7. MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, Ubuntu, Nginx, LAMP

Professional skills and experience:

  1. GUI adaptive friendly html-css-javascript cross browser design built on Bootstrap, AMProject (for different sizes, type of devices, div-designing, module windows)
  2. API based applications
  3. Accelerating pages with headers statements, bundling, obfuscating, compressing files
  4. Design landing pages, questionnaires services, feedback widget.
  5. SPA single page application, routing, usability and interactive design
  6. MVC architectural pattern: division and integrating.
  7. Design patterns for js, php (factory, singleton, observer, chain of command, strategy)
  8. Text grabbing, parsing and trimming for content and database management (regular expressions, xml parsing with php XMLReader library).
  9. Developed modules of authorization, dividing rights of users, cookie, sessions.
  10. Secured databases from SQL injections, providing security while database work.
  11. Designed pages with structured data markup (schema.org, microformats).
  12. Developing and supporting online advertising for leads and orders management, landing page marketing; SEO, SMM, incl. Google AdSense, AdWords, Analytics.
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