Хотелось бы узнать почему метрика explained_variance_score() рабочая? В каким моделях машинного обучения использовать в каких лучше избегать использование? Какие граничные случаи?


Эту метрику можно использовать в задачах регрессии (например: Linear Regression, SVR, etc.).

Explained variance is routinely used in principal component analysis. The relation to the Fraser–Kent information gain remains to be clarified.

As the fraction of "explained variance" equals the squared correlation coefficient R2, it shares all the disadvantages of the latter: it reflects not only the quality of the regression, but also the distribution of the independent (conditioning) variables.


In the words of one critic: "Thus R2 gives the 'percentage of variance explained' by the regression, an expression that, for most social scientists, is of doubtful meaning but great rhetorical value. If this number is large, the regression gives a good fit, and there is little point in searching for additional variables. Other regression equations on different data sets are said to be less satisfactory or less powerful if their R2 is lower. Nothing about R2 supports these claims".[3]:58 And, after constructing an example where R2 is enhanced just by jointly considering data from two different populations: "'Explained variance' explains nothing."

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