Добрый день. При отправке xml в amazon выдаётся ошибка:

Err Descr : XML Parsing Error at Line 1, Column 2104: cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found starting with element 'MetalType'. No child element is expected at this point.

При этом MetalType есть в xml, вот пример:

            <Title>Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Ring "Autumn"</Title>
            <Description>Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver Weight 2.7 g This beautiful one of a kind sterling silver Baltic amber ring can be worn for any occasion. It is believed that amber brings luck and protection to people and it has been a symbol of love, marriage and eternal youth. Since amber is a natural stone, its shape and size may vary slightly. Each piece is individually handcrafted in Europe. The ring comes in a gift box. Wear amber and feel the energy of this "beaming sun"! </Description>
            <BulletPoint>Made of genuine natural Baltic amber imported from the Baltic region of Europe (Poland, Lithuania).</BulletPoint>
            <BulletPoint>We only use sterling silver for our rings. Each ring is stamped with "925" that ensures 92.5% of silver.</BulletPoint>
            <BulletPoint>Imported from Baltic region of Europe</BulletPoint>
            <BulletPoint>Weight 2.7 g</BulletPoint>
            <MSRP currency="USD">27</MSRP>
            <SearchTerms>Oval Large Classic Green Yellow Green Designer</SearchTerms>
            <SearchTerms>Celtic Small Thin Elliptical Perfect Modern Round</SearchTerms>
            <SearchTerms>Shape Genuine Natural Baltic Victorian Vintage</SearchTerms>

Как исправить данную ошибку?

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