Посредством netty поднял сервер, при попытке выполнить запрос через хром, открывается ДВА канала с разных портов. Firefox, Explorer, Telnet отрабатывают ок, с одним соединением на один запрос. Сервер:

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
    EventLoopGroup bossGroup = new NioEventLoopGroup(1);
    EventLoopGroup workerGroup = new NioEventLoopGroup();

    try {
        ServerBootstrap b = new ServerBootstrap();
        b.group(bossGroup, workerGroup)
                .handler(new LoggingHandler(LogLevel.INFO))
                .childHandler(new ChannelInitializer<SocketChannel>() {
                    protected void initChannel(SocketChannel socketChannel) throws Exception {
                        ChannelPipeline p = socketChannel.pipeline();
                        p.addLast("codec", new HttpServerCodec());
                        p.addLast("handler", new ReceivedRequestHandler());
    } finally {

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Это связано с внутренней работой хрома, плагинами или я рукожопый?

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I had a similar issue with my node server. It is due to the following bug in Chrome. In summary, Chrome is sending a request for a favicon on every request. As, is likely, you aren't sending a favicon back, it requests one after every legitimate request.

Firefox, and most other browsers, also send out a request for a favicon when they first connect, but cache the result i.e. if there isn't a favicon returned first time, they don't keep trying - which is why you're only seeing a single request from Firefox. It seems Chrome is unfortunately a little too persistent with its favicon requestiness.

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Это связанно только с работой хрома и плагинами. По крайней мере в Вашем коде все нормально.

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