I have a problem with installation of Windscribe VPN manually through Ubuntu system. I found this files from git: https://github.com/hkuchampudi/Windscribe

I cloned it from git in the folder. I downloaded and installed pacman too but I don't have "makepkg" command. How should I created package in Ubuntu with tar extension (or deb extension) and install my files?

Thanks in advance for directing me what should I do. I only have terminal and don't have display version of Ubuntu.

  • git-build-package is for your service.
    – 0andriy
    21 сен 2022 в 12:12

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Ubuntus package manager is dpkg and apt-get: pacman is the Arch package manager, and Makepkg is a Slackware tool. You need use apt for Ubuntu

  • Before using apt i need to package these files from git and I don't know how to do that. 13 сен 2022 в 14:13
  • In the same package there is such a command as dpkg-deb #dpkg-deb --help Usage: dpkg-deb [<option> ...] <command> Commands: -b|--build <directory> [<deb>] Build an archive.
    – Semyon
    13 сен 2022 в 14:52

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