Help me please,
I have a cluster Apache Flink (2 Job Managers, 3 Task Managers), but I don't know which values to set for that parameters in flink-conf.yml:





Job Manager machine has: 8CPU, 32GB RAM Task Manager machine has: 8CPU, 32GB RAM

I'll plan to run on this cluster 15..20 Apache Flink Jobs. Due to private policy I can't write here java code, therefore I'll try to say in words.

  • 1)I read data from Apache Kafka broker №1 (it is JSON messages)
  • 2)Deserialization array of bytes in POJO
  • 3)Using FilterFunction
    where I check some fields in POJO Event
  • 4)Using KeyBy operator by
  • 5)Using KeyedProcessFunction with state(valueState or
    mapState) and timer (I am using HDFS RocksDB state backend)
  • 6)Serialization POJO to array of bytes and sending to Apache Kafka broker №2

    It is expected that more than 50 million events will come per day. All Jobs will have one data source.
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