I am searching help to repair an old adt>txt converter. Source code is very small..

Here is how it actually works:

MMDXt31n0tworld\generic\tauren\passive doodads\baskets\smallbasket01.mdxn1tworld\generic\tauren\passive doodads\chimes\taurenchimeswood.mdxn2tworld\generic\tauren\passive doodads\drums\taurendrumgiant01.mdxn3tworld\azeroth\duskwood\passivedoodads\bush\duskwoodbush04.mdxn4tworld\generic\tauren\passive doodads\signposts\taurensignpost01.mdxn5tworld\azeroth\burningsteppes\passivedoodads\bonfire\orcbonfire.mdx

Here is the problem I see: 1. 'n' character should be a new line 2. 't' character should be a paragraph

This is how it should work:

0   world\generic\tauren\passive doodads\baskets\smallbasket01.mdx
1   world\generic\tauren\passive doodads\chimes\taurenchimeswood.mdx
2   world\generic\tauren\passive doodads\drums\taurendrumgiant01.mdx
3   world\azeroth\duskwood\passivedoodads\bush\duskwoodbush04.mdx
4   world\generic\tauren\passive doodads\signposts\taurensignpost01.mdx
5   world\azeroth\burningsteppes\passive doodads\bonfire\orcbonfire.mdx

I also think that code is ok, but my compilation is broken, so.. what's wrong? Can someone compile this few codes as fileinfo.exe(adt > txt) and loadinfo.exe(txt > adt) and throw them to me?? All the files you can fined by clicking link lower.

Source code: Pastebin

All files: Mediafire

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